X-Men TV Special


Mastermind Talker
Apr 26, 2000
Well, I saw it last night...it was in an interesting format. Bruce Davison was the "star", so to speak, in his character of Senator Kelly, testifying at a faux congressional hearing about the importance of registering mutants. Interspersed between vignettes were interviews with most of the cast and with Brian Singer, the director.

What I could gloam from the special:

-Professor X and Magneto are indeed old acquaintances, as in the comic book
-Cyclops and Jean Grey are apparently engaged; Wolverine becomes the third in a love triangle
-Ray Park (Toad, and also Darth Maul) has a speaking role in this movie

-Rogue will have a flashback scene of the first time her powers manifested
-Mutant cameos: a Kitty Pryde-ish character, as seen in the movie trailers; a young basketballer who teleports (alas, not blue-skinned); someone who holds a ball of flame in their hands; chances are other X-Books characters will be hinted at so we should all pay attention

I'm psyched! Especially because (drum roll please) I scored a pass to see a sneak preview *tonight*! If you all behave, I just might post spoilers for those who *need* to know!

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