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    Welcome to PeakForums.net! PeakForums is an general discussion forum for people from around the world to have a relaxed time and have discussions with other members of the community.

    Why Join PeakForums?
    [​IMG] A community of friendly members to enjoy many discussions with
    [​IMG] Coins system to reward you for participating in and around the forum
    [​IMG] A shop to spend your coins on personalizing your profile and account
    [​IMG] Awards system to show off your forum achievements to others
    [​IMG] Laid back rules to ensure you have fun!

    What are Our Rules?
    1. Treat others with respect - Bullying or picking on a user will result in a ban. We want everyone to enjoy this community & environment.
    2. NO Spamming - Posts that are off-topic or do not make sense will be removed.
    3. NO Bumping - If you're the last poster do not bump the thread, wait for someone to reply first.
    4. NO Advertising your sites - The only areas you are allowed to advertise are your signature spaces. You're required to be an upgraded member for your signature.
    5. NO Illegal or Inappropriate content - Any illegal or inappropriate content will be removed and the user warned/banned.
    6. Have fun! It's illegal in this forum to NOT have fun!

    What do I do if I have a problem?
    If you are having any issues with the website, a staff member, or a member of the community, feel free to contact me in private via private message or start a thread in the Feedback & Support section.
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