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Nov 21, 2017
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So you are thinking about upgrading your account membership and becoming a Ranger? Well have a read through this post and you will have all the information you need to make your decision.

Paying For Your Upgrade..
There are two ways you can pay to upgrade your account. If you want pay with Real Money (PayPal), then please visit This Page and click "Purchase" on your preferred payment option. If you want to pay using Peak Cash, then please visit This Page and click your "Purchase" on your preferred option.

Ranger Benefits..
  • Coloured Username: You get your forum username changed to yellow!
  • A Custom Rank: You get a custom rank here on the forum.
  • Rangers Hut: You get access to the Peak Forum's Rangers Hut area where only the upgraded members can go!
  • 50% Shop Discount: You will get 50% Off all Peak Shop items for the duration of your Rangership!
  • Gem Rating: You get the ability to rate other member's posts using the Gem Rating!
  • Permanent Sticky Thread: You get to have one of your forum threads made sticky permanently for the duration of your Rangership!
  • Increased PM Limits:
  • Increased link images:
  • Signature Banner Advertising Space:
  • Footer Affiliate:
Need Help?
If you are experiencing any problems upgrading your members here on Peak Forums or if you just have any questions needing answered before you buy, please feel free to create a new thread in the Community Table forum. If you would like to speak privately, then you can send a message to an Administrator for support. Happy Shopping!
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