Tripping on Titan by Erica A (Grade 6)


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Mar 15, 2000
Zeta 2 Reticuli
Tripping on TITAN
by Erika A...

As the science fair comes to a close I buy the last return ticket for a trip to "Titan". As everyone crouched together to wait for the draw, I hear the drums rolling......and the winner is.... Erika A,,.. winner.... Erika." My lucky day - a free trip to "Titan". As I look at the pamphlet to "Titan" I read the description.........

Saturn's largest moon! Its atmosphere is a little like Earth's. Made out of rock, ice and carbon dioxide. Its surface is possibly covered with an ocean liquid methane and ethane - known as natural gases on Earth. It takes about one and a half years to get there, so to have a good trip you're probably better off staying for 3 or 4 years.

"I think I'll take this home". As I walk down the street I wonder about what to bring to "Titan". A diary to keep track of the sights and exciting things, a video camera, a cordless C.D. player to listen to music, art book to draw pictures of some sights, lots of warm clothes, a pair of skates, a sled to slide on, and then to cuddle up with at night my blanket and teddy bear.

As I approach the space ship there are other people entering the pear- shaped space ship. As I step in, a nice lady takes my luggage and we talk as she shows me my room on the 5th floor. We step in the room and my roommate is already decorating our room. I see bunk beds and a table. In the corner there is a small bathroom with all the necessary contents, in a miniature form, neatly arranged in its own special place. My roommate opens the mini fridge and hands me an "Astro- Lite". She introduces herself, and we unpack our things; everything in our room is a smaller version of my own room back home. As I unpack Natasha (my roommate) showed me the room.

"This bottom bunk turns into a couch and if you press this button, then a computer will come up and you can telephone your friend, and you will see her on the screen," Natasha explained.

"BUZZZZZZZZ, BUZZZZZZZZ- all students must be gone to bed before 9:00 for space school will be starting at 10:00 in the morning," commanded the P.A. As I finished unpacking my belongings, I say to Natasha 'You can show me around the ship now.'

Natasha brought me to the entertainment room; it was huge! There was a basketball court, baseball field, swimming pool, tennis court and a skating rink. I thought this was a great place. I'm never going to be bored on this trip. We got a snack and the names on all the food products were very different. This is going to be a big adjustment. We walked to our room and saw the nurse's office on the way. She then told us to report here each morning as we would have to receive a 'comet- point' each day. I then wondered what would that be for?... and what was a 'comet-point'? I left wondering!!!

My trip in the space was long, but enjoyable. School was most interesting as each subject contained space facts. The 'comet- point' was a needle. The needle gave us the extra oxygen that we would need for our trip. The entertainment room was everything I felt it would be and more. Gravity was not as strong; the jumps to the basketball net gave you time to aim while you were in the air; the baseball allowed you to get into position ready to catch. This allowed you to be successful at everything.

We land on "Titan" and I am all ready to go, I say good-bye to Natasha as she is on her way to Pluto. As I get a spacecraft to my hotel I see Saturn's big rings and its other moons. On the other side of me I see the green planet Uranus. "Titan's" surface is flat with crater peaks all over. It is very, very, very, cold and I am glad I had dressed warmly for these cold temperatures. As I walk around I notice the atmosphere of "Titan" is similar to that of Earth's millions of years ago. Everything is very quiet and peaceful. I run freely and slowly to the hotel but I trip in a crater. While getting up I see a streak zooming across the sky. The hazy atmosphere makes it difficult to see clearly, I figure it must be evening. When I settle in my hotel and awake in the morning it was still hazy- I later learned the atmosphere does not get much brighter than full moon- light on Earth. So I put on my special pair of sunglasses that allows me to see better.

When I step into my 'ice-block' resort I go to the front desk and give them my return ticket that I won and they show me my room. I noticed the things in the 'ice-block' were similar to that in the space craft. As I entered the room I saw a great view of Uranus- it was beautiful. I saw icicles shapes sticking up from the ground. I can see now, why I need my skates. Everyone here skates from place to place. The intinery for today tells me that at 9:00 t.m. ("Titans" Morning) there will be fun be 'Skate- Car- Races'. That sounds like fun; they are similar to hydroplanes on Earth, instead of being on a cushion of air, they are on skates, with a large propeller moving them around. At 10:00 t.m. 'Crater Mogelling' Wow! That's an exciting event! Each person slides down an icy hill and mogels in and out of the craters. Then it is lunchmoon burgers, astrolite, hot alien soup and crater chips.

In the afternoon some of the highlighting events were:
Taking a glide in Ice Land Park.
Going around on '50 below wheel'

Last event of the afternoon was sitting and singing watching a meteor shower.

These events and many more continued throughtout my entire visit. Many of these activities were challenging but I got used to them and they were fun.

What a trip this winning ticket brought me. As I return to Earth I see in the far corner of the terminal someone selling tickets. I approach the desk to buy a ticket. While I'm walking towards the door I hear my name being paged--"ERIKA A-- Would Erika A please report to the desk?"

by Erika A..grade 6

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