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Television is the leading cause of violence in today's society

Discussion in 'Media & Journalism' started by Namoh, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Namoh

    Namoh Active Talker

    I personally believe that this is just a way for parents to excuse their children's bad behaviour by blaming television instead of their own bad parenting. Now, in some cases this might be true but you should never generalise and I feel that this is what many parents in situations like this do. Instead of taking responsibility and teaching their children right from wrong. 

    I'm not saying that children cannot learn violent acts and bad behaviour from watching television but if a parent is active in their children's life and actually cares about what their doing normally the television won't cause the kids to be violent because they are being taught how to act and what's right and what's wrong. I'll say again, this might not be true in some cases but I'm of the opinion that television in it self does not cause violence in kids.
  2. Shinigamiss

    Shinigamiss Active Talker

    Most children who act on violence from tv shows or video games and already prone to have a mental illness. But in another sense, parent should pay more attention to what their children watch.
  3. Namoh

    Namoh Active Talker

    I agree with this.
  4. Bazinga!

    Bazinga! Senior Talker

    Well, the same thing can be said about video games. It's just bad parents way of pointing the finger at something else, whether it's tv or video games or whatever. You, the bad parent, had to give those things to that child in the first place. If you thought it was bad, why did you give it to your child in the first place?

    I agree that tv and video games do not cause violence either. Usually it is bad parenting, or the lack of parenting, that have more to do with it then anything else.
  5. Oblivious1

    Oblivious1 Senior Talker

    Most parents let kids do what they want and don't notice what content they are exactly viewing.This not only gives the child a violent attitude but it also lets child feel like they can do whatever they want and nowone can stop them

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