Tachyon: the fringe


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Apr 27, 2000
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Anyone else check out this demo? The boys over at Penny Arcade mentioned it, so I thought I'd pull it down. 70 megs? Gotta love broadband access. Anywho, get it installed, take the first mission, and then...then, I hear the voice. I had totally forgotten Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness) did the voice acting for this game. Oh yeah! Bring it on! Hail to the king, baby. Oh yeah, the game. The controls rock, the graphics look dang nifty on a GeForce, and the gameplay is good. So I say, so it is :) No, seriously it's cool that the game doesn't lead you around by your nose. The whole job board thing has been done with some success, and it looks like they pulled it off fairly well here.


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Apr 26, 2000
I've read some nice reviews about Tachyon and they say the highlight of the game is mainly the Bruce Cambell voice. I've read that Freespace 2 is still the sci-fi simulation champion and I agree with them.

I've yet to try Tachyon, but I will soon. I don't have broadband connection thought so no demo for me.