Street Fighter 3: Double Impact


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Apr 26, 2000
First thing you'll notice is the two game SF3 games on the single GDdisc. The first game is strictly for show so once your done checking it out move on to the second one. The second version is the one you should be playing.

Not as flashy as Marvel VS Capcom, but it's got good effects. The characters look a bit bigger and the moves were made to look more realistic, and it kind of looks that way. Emphasis was also placed on the impact of each move. Game slows a bit to show the damage being dealt for certain moves.

Controls are easy and moves are simple to perform. Some moves are very difficult to perform because of the speed of the game. I mean, the game moves at a moderate speed, but the timing is difficult for pulling off multiple moves at the same time. You can combo a move and a super which makes the game very interesting. There's also a special version of your normal moves you can perform by pushing an two punches or two kicks when perfoming a certain move. Uses a bit of your energy bar, but does more damage and/or hits.

The game does actually progress the regular Street Fighter series and it continues to focus on one super move. This was introduced in Super Street Fighter 2 and every character had one super move. This time, you can choose one of three super moves to use for the battle.

If you are a hardcore Street Fighter fan, like me, then make sure to pick this up, but for a really enjoyable experience look for Street Fighter Alpha 3.