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Spring has Sprung 2018!

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Casanova, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Casanova

    Casanova Admin Team Leader Administrator Team Leader

    Hello all!

    As the month of February comes to a close, it's time to welcome and embrace spring and here at PeakForums we have a line of competitons and games to get Spring Sprung the write way!

    Role Swap & Auction: Staff shall be swapping roles for a day! Remaining ranks will be priced and set for auction for members to buy!

    Scavenger Hunt: We'll be running a scavenger hunt for a month! Throughout this you'll be competiting to find hidden flowers round the site!

    Olympic Games! We'll be running our own Annual Olympic Games tournament where users will be battling it out for success

    Awards: Our pretigious and annual award ceremony is returning this season! We'll be awarding our most active and dedicated members and staff!

    Stay alert for future updates, releasing soon! LET'S BEGIN SPRINGG!!
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  2. SeanQuinn87

    SeanQuinn87 Moderation Director Moderator Team Leader

    All Sounds Great! :D :D
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