Self harm and suicide


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Apr 15, 2013
I am writing this in order to help you. This is not going to be like you read in websites and stuff because they DON'T KNOW what it's like. I could start by telling you the story of my life but what for?
There's nothing you can do about it and it's boring to be honest.


So , let's review the facts on what other people think about self-harm:
- Oh, they are just trying to get attention
- Emo people are like that
- He's just creepy

The list goes on and on and pretty much everyone doesn't know the story behind it.
Of course some people do it to get attention..
Others do it because their idol does it.
I, for one, did it because i was in pain and miserable. No one saw it. According to my mom "i'm too young to have any concerns and problems at all".
Today, i'm 22 and still have marks from that time. My mom never saw such thing. Not even during the summer. No one, NO ONE, except my coleegs at school notice them.
It is true that some of us try to hide it or do it in places that are not visible to everyone.
And when our parents find out, they'll freak out because they dont know what to do with us. Hospitals are not the solution. Mental insitution aren't either because we'll keep finding a way to do it.
However, i think that a GOOD shrink might help us out. Doesn't need to be a real shrink, like do it for living. We both know that the ones who do it for a living sometimes suck.
When i was in university, there was this guy. He was my worse nightmare and my fairytale at the same time. Whenever i was in the rooftop , he'd pick me up and talk to me.
He made me stop cutting myself and i didnt even realise it. I just didnt feel like it anymore

I am just saying.,.. Try to find someone like that. I did not go looking for the guy. The guy showed up. So, dont push people away. Don't pretend to be someone you're not like i did. No one knows I was like this once. I smiled at everyone but behind the curtain, there was a dark side, a very dark side.

And someday, there will be a guy or a girl that will make you stop without even realising it too. I am not going to say "don't do it. It's not worthy". We know it's worthy because it eases us momentarily from our pain. I will say: try to find a reason not do it today.
- What went well today?
If that reason is strong enough, then try not to do it. If nothing went well, well then you got yourself an excuse to do it. Just don't do it because it's the easiest way out. Eventually, you'll pay for it so the sooner you quit doing it , the better.


Suicide is tough. You think you're ready to actually do it? Do you realise that you'll never see anything again? What comes after it? You'll never open your eyes, you'll never going to play games ever again.. Nothing. We all think suicide is easier but when it comes to actually do it, we don't take everything into consideration .

Also, we tend to think our parents wouldn't miss us. Maybe not. Sometimes they dont show that they like us. But the mothers, oh the mothers.... They'll go miserable for the rest of their lives. Trust me. Moms gave us birth, we literally were in their belly for 9months... I am not underestimating the sadness of a father... But the mother's pain is worst. And there's also someone, someone that we didnt even notice but she/he will secretely be in so much pain because they liked us, maybe even loved us. Do you really want to cause that much pain to anyone?

If you ever think of doing either thing, just call someone , someone that you think will understand. We may think no one would understand, but if you look closer, some people have gone through a moment of pain in their lives. Those are the ones who will get you. If you have no one, then write down everything that you feel. Burn it later, if you want. Listen to some music. Paint. Just try to get your mind out of it.

If you ever need anything, anything at all, Just message me. I am here and i've probably been through what you're going right now
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Jan 15, 2010
This is a really important subject which a lot of young people struggle with today and it's an issue that I myself had some small issues with too. I shall sticky this post :)


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Aug 3, 2015
Struggling with decisions, financial difficulties, social struggles and difficulties are major partakers on this phenomena.
self reassurance, confidence and motivation + a reliable self esteem can improve negativity and contribute to a variety of false
attributes to oneself to overcome or deal with depression or suicidal / self harm thoughts ..

good books a good read or a public walk or a visit can help

computers too and family .


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Feb 7, 2016
Back when my dad abused me I self harmed daily, and even thought about suicide. I'm fine now, every now and then the memories will come back to haunt me.


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Aug 11, 2015
I had a verbally abusive dad growing up who put my mother through a horrible divorce and never would pay child support. He had drinking problems and would keep me up all night ****ing about how much he hated my mother, how much I was like her. At the age of 15, I had enough. Moved back in with my mother. My father and I have been on **** terms ever since.


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Oct 30, 2017
Ever so sorry my man you must remember what ever life throws at you, you gotta be strong for the people around you and for your self.

So my advice is keep your chin up and stay positive, i'm sort of in the same position as you but i'm fighting what life throws at me.]

I have also been suicidal before but let's not get in to that.


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Dec 31, 2017
I think that depression is one of the worst thing that could happen to an individual. Whenever people experience any kind of problem, they take it in with their own way of dealing with it. Some people take it rationally and some do go under depression. Taking things badly can result to drastic things. This is why it is important to stay beside someone who experiencing this kind of trial and support and help them in any possible way one could. To the people who are experiencing depression, seek help because you are not alone. You don't have to take this solo, there are people who loves and will support you no matter what.