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Nov 12, 2018
Quick detail
Item: craft paper envelope
Material: raw craft paper
Specification: 25*22+4cm
Weight: 21 grams
Packing : 450pcs per carton
Function: craft paper with bubble film inside and water proof
Customized: able to print logo. Different sizes can be made based on customer requirement
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Product show
Product features
-This envelope is of original color and very simple;
-The inner lining of this product adopts the bubble film design, so it can better protect the things inside the envelope;
-The outer craft paper can print a variety of patterns and fonts, as well as writing, because its paper quality and smooth flatness are very good;
-The quality of the materials used in the production of the product is very good;
-Factory direct sales, there is no intermediary, so the price is very reasonable and affordable;
-Waterproof effect is good that it can keep intact,original even in the presence of water;
-Good durability;
-Add self-sealing adhesive to the envelope, as far as possible for your convenience;
-No printing on the surface, you can paste the label and logo by yourself;
-It is light weight which can reduce the cost of shippment.Paper Packaging Products suppliers