okay, who's everybody's favorite actor and why?


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May 1, 2000
mine is ethan hawke - not only is he devastatingly handsome, but he's so talented and versatile. remember him in gattica? that was a great movie. i watched it three times. it was like a sci-fi, mystery, romance all rolled into one ...

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May 16, 2000
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Right now it's Edward Norton.
Look at the rolls that he's played.
Primal Fear- Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!! I think Edward Norton was the only reason to watch that flic.
Everyone Says I love You- Woody Allen movie/musical. I'm not a fan of Woody Allen movies, but Norton showed another side of his talent.
The People vs. Larry Flint- Great movie, but Woody Harrelson stole the show. Norton was just in this film so even if it was crap, I still would've liked it.
Rounders- Worm. Need I say more. Diversity people.
American History X- Actors would turn down this role because of the backlash they would receive. Norton is made this movie a very powerful one.
Fight Club- People still sleep on this movie. Remember Seven? Same director. Everyone wanted to see this movie because of Brad Pitt, but I think Norton stole the glory. Don't get me wrong, Pitt has his moments such as 12 Monkeys.
Keeping the Faith- Norton's directorial debut. Wasn't as funny as the commercials made it seem, but still worth it because what else, Norton was in it.
It's all about the diverse characters.

My favorite actor of all time is Robert DeNiro.
I think we all know why.
Plus, my fingers are tired.


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Apr 4, 2000
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robert deniro


edward norton!! i loved fight club! come on people!!!

and as for ethan hawke, i loved gattaca. i dont know why
i cant get enough of it
i think im obseesive compulsive or something

everytime its on, i need to watch it

must be cause of the really cool plot




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Apr 26, 2000
There's just way too many good actors to list, but I shall make my decision on one of my favorite movies. He's been in countless movies and most of them have been good or decent. It's Mel Gibson. The first movie I saw him in was Forever Young and my favorite one with him in it is Braveheart.


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Mar 15, 2000
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I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, and Al Pacino myself.

Many others too, but I like these three especially.

Pochi: Al Pacino is absolutely great in Devil's Advocate, I catch it now and then!

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