Moments in your life that you miss?


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Apr 15, 2013
So, what moments in your life do you miss? Does anything remind you of those moments, such as a specific song?

For me, a lot of the moments I miss relate to video games, and there are plenty of moments I remember through songs. Linkin Park - In The End reminds me of SOCOM 2 and SOCOM 3 back when I used to play them online, and the people I used to play alongside. Similarly, GreenDay's older music (around the time of "American Idiot") remind me of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and my friend Josh and [MENTION=35]Hitmanhenk[/MENTION] (both of which I'm still in contact with till this day). Jimmy Eat World - Always Be reminds me of a week away in Germany with my school. [MENTION=12]sileter[/MENTION] reminds me of my days as a leader of a popular gaming clan, as well as the many friends (and enemies) I had during those times and the moments were shared. [MENTION=8]DJswirlyAlien[/MENTION] reminds me of my second gaming clan and of similar experiences.


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Jan 15, 2010
Daw guys ^

I miss when I used to have no exams for anything in primary school. I hated primary school but the six week holidays were awesome.
My dad used to listen to Coldplay in the kitchen and I'd play Operation on our old widows 95 :')


Apr 20, 2013
I miss spending the summers at my grandparents house when my cousins were also visiting (they tended to live in other states, so they didn't always get to visit).
My older cousin (by a year) was my first real friend, and I always used to attempt to bully him - but he could easily overpower me (and he did too) so that never worked. I used to love watching him and his brother wrestle around like a couple of puppies that were roughhousing though. I used to love roughhousing with them, usually only one at a time though because they'd always gang up on me if all 3 of us were wrestling at the same time.

Then me and the oldest hit puberty and got told that is wasn't "appropriate" for me to be wrestling around with the boys like that anymore, and the older one got told he shouldn't be wrestling around with girls like that (or treating them so roughly either) as well. Of course we didn't actually listen, we just wrestled in another room. At least until we got too big and it got too awkward for, well, just them actually. I was rather naive of certain matters back then so I had no idea why it was awkward at all.

Anyway, but I also miss it because back then my body could actually tolerate more things. These days, you so much as bump into me and I start getting a headache. When i was a kid, I wasn't so bothered by the Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, Migraines, POTS, or just plain old weakness in general. Nowadays I can't do much of anything without getting exhausted whereas when i was a kid I would have gotten tired from it but I could have worked through it. But now I just collapse once I reach a certain point.

The odd thing is, I've always hated summer time. Too hot. Too bright. People forced me to go outside and play and always made fun of me for not being able to do certain things, by virtue of just being smaller and weaker in comparison to my cousins and sister. Not my fault I was the runt of the pack. Although considering the youngest of us all, my younger female cousin (their younger sister), was able to climb up on this octopus structure at a playground even though she basically looked like a roly-poly probably didn't help matters any. I never was able to make it up that **** thing, year after year, no matter how tall I got. Eventually though it got too **** hot to even attempt touching it, let alone climb it, so I didn't even bother. Burning my skin off wasn't worth it.

I hate summer, hated it then and hate it now. But I loved spending time with my cousins. Even if one was always too nice, the other too much of a jerk, and the other was bossy as Hell. Although they're still like that, only worse... now one's a nice guy 'Mr. Perfect' type, the other is still a jerk but also a gossip, while the other is still really bossy and in general just ****es a lot about crap - to be honest she never comes around so I don't know her that well anymore anyway.
I just miss the summers we used to hang out at my grandparents house is all, I'll never forget how happy I was one year when my grandmother told me how excited my cousins got when they heard we were going to be visiting that summer - esp. the older one, who specifically asked if I was coming (he didn't mention my sister). I was surprised that anyone would actually want to see me, or either of us (my sister as well), really. I didn't even believe it at first, I called bullshit on my own grandmother too, but then I confronted one of my cousins later and their very bad attempt at denial convinced me that my grandmother was right.

Getting to the point, I miss it because adulthood sucks donkey balls and since my grandparents have died my dad and his siblings are in the process of selling stuff from the house so they can get the house sold. So I wont ever be able to go back to that house anymore, wont get to play in that massive backyard with this huge ****ing **** tree that was back there. Making mud pies like it ain't nobodies business, then throwing them. Of course the house is infested with termites and there's all sorts of bugs crawling around out in that yard now also.
Although my Aunts ashes are also there, in her little garden in the front yard. So no more visiting that either.
I've got a lot of memories in that house, most of my really good memories involve things that have happened there so it's really sad to see it go. I seem to be the only one who really thinks that though... other than my other Aunt, who'd probably want to utilize it for her own reasons. But my dad and Uncle wouldn't ever allow that, since she's been trying to cheat them both out of their fair share of their inheritance. But neither of them want the house either.

Most of all, I think I miss the blissful ignorance of being a kid. At least when it comes to **** like this. I'm only 20, I'm still young, I shouldn't be longing for my childhood until I'm at least 30... and I've been longing for my childhood basically since I started my period.

Oh yes, another thing. I miss those glorious years, all 11 of them, when I wasn't having a period. Basically, despite the **** I dealt with in my childhood I still miss being a child. I even miss those glasses I used to wear that were too big for my face (my mom thought I'd grow into them... she was wrong). Meh, I miss a lot of things in regards to my childhood.


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Apr 27, 2013
[MENTION=36]Antigone[/MENTION] I can really relate to missing the age when the gender of self and friends didn't matter one bit. :(

I kinda miss the days of running around with my pack of friends up at my grandmother's lakehouse in southwestern Michigan. It was only a ten minute walk to the beach. I too had a lot more energy then- I miss being able to run properly. I can't really run now; part of it's probably lack of practice, part of it's my messed up leg mobility, which got worse when I broke my knee a year and a half ago. I'm not sure I could get back to running properly if I tried. But my friends and I used to always run around the woods and beach, biggest worry being "but I don't wanna go home for dinner yet!"

But life now is good too. I try not to live in the past much.


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Jul 5, 2013
Yes I totally agree with you that in our life many a moment that is unforgettable. My Sister recently passed away and there are time that fro me is unforgettable.. She is my lucky champ i miss her so badly..


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Apr 29, 2013
I just miss being younger and having 503928 friends. I miss how my mum and my brother used to be as well :/