Massive's Ground Control


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Apr 26, 2000
First, I'd like to say Sierra was a good company in the good ol' days of Leisure Suit Larry and stuff, but all they've been doing is publishing a sh*tload of great games and some idiots are stupid enough to believe they made it. I feel for those that do.

This game, visually, looks incredible and another 3D RTS will be a happy addition to my library. The only competition this game has is Activision's, also upcoming, Dark Reign 2.
The first DR was great, but many people didn't bother with it so it was a sleeper hit. (same thing happened with Battlezone which was also a great one)

Anyone know of an expected release date for this game? Please give it in months because that quarter crap is just useless. I would give it a release date of 4th Quarter 2000.