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Closed Looking For Admin & Staff (ScienceHelp.online)

Discussion in 'Job Center' started by SeanQuinn87, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. SeanQuinn87

    SeanQuinn87 Moderation Director Moderator Team Leader

    I have just started a new Q&A help website for all things related to science and i am looking to get another admin on board along with me and either 1 or 2 moderators before i start promoting it and getting regular members. :D

    This is the link to the website: http://www.sciencehelp.online/ :D It has just literally been started so looks very basic, but will be setting it all up over the next few days and sorting it out with a science related theme. :D

    Please give me a reply below or PM if you are interested in either the Admin or Mod positions and getting involved from the early stages of this website. :D
  2. TheRaj

    TheRaj New Talker

    website Offline ?
  3. s3_gunzel

    s3_gunzel Community Admin Administrator

    Yep, so I’ll close this.
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