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Join the PF Community Team!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Casanova, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Casanova

    Casanova Admin Team Leader Administrator Team Leader

    Members of PF!

    It is my pleasure to announce vacant positions in our Community Team. The PeakForums community team works around the community tackling moderation, feedback and being open to comments from members of the community. CTM's serve as the direct line between the Administration and Members of the community and are a vital part of the forum. We are currently looking for at least a couple of passionate individuals to join the Community Team.

    Moderation- Will be apart of your daily duties within the community. You'll be on the prowl looking out for and removing unpleasant comments/threads and posts which violate our Community Guidelines.

    Dispute Settlement- When a member of the community raises a dispute ticket on another member it will be your role to look into the matter, gathering facts from both sides, and then reaching a conclusion on the matter. It may be necessary to help settle a situation through mediation or sanctions and you must be capable of carrying this out.

    Event Management- As a CTM you shall be part of the team responsible for managing events here on PeakForums. These can vary from competitions to our annual awards contest. As a CTM you must be able to handle such events, come up with creative ideas and ensure the smooth running of such events.

    Community Interaction- Is another heavily weighed duty for members of the PeakForums CT. You'll be dealing with users on a daily basis, welcoming new members, helping people settle in, answering quires and listening and relaying feedback from members to the administration. Being able to listen and help are vital skills for this duty and thus role.

    If you feel able to dedicate time on a daily basis to conduct duties detailed above and feel you are an individual whom can bring skill and dedication to our Community Team, please fill out the following Application, and DM it to me @Casanova. There is no set limit on the intake of CTMs nor fixed recruitment period so be sure to send in your application for consideration!

    [b] Username: 
     Previous Moderation Experience:
     Why you want to be a CTM: 
     What unique skills do you have: 
     Any additional comments? [/b]
    Wishing you all the best,
    Admin Team Leader

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