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Join the Moderation Team!

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Casanova, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Casanova

    Casanova Admin Team Leader Administrator Team Leader

    Join the Moderation Team!
    We are currently hiring three (:relievedface: moderators!

    The role of a Moderator at peakforums is to moderate the community safeguarding members of PF and also posting and being an active member of the forum. We are currently looking to expand our Moderation Team by three.

    Role of a MTM:
    • Handle Reports- As a Moderator, you'll be tasked with dealing with any reports submitted by members and resolving them as quickly as possible
    • Boost Activity- As a Moderator, you'll be on the prowl looking for inactive forums and boosting them with meaningful content. You'll also be posting globally across the board each week
    • Resolve Situations- From time to time, conflicts and confrontations between members or staff may occur; When they do, as a Moderator you need to be able to resolve and settle them maturely.
    To Apply:
    • Must have 10 posts- This serves as a quality check to ensure we are only hiring the best Staff
    • Must be able to remain calm- Situations will occur that will challenge you but as a Moderator you must be able to remain calm and settle them maturely
    • High level of grammar and spelling- As a Moderator you'll be making formal posts and running events so you must have a decent level of spelling and grammar
    I'm Ready!
    If you have read and understand the criteri above, please complete the following application and PM me, @Clarendon, it.
    Past Experience:
    Why you want the positon?

    Good luck to all applicants! :) Successful candidates will be messaged within a week!


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