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Is the western media biased?

Discussion in 'Media & Journalism' started by TheJason, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. TheJason

    TheJason Active Talker

    Is it biased, left, right, middle? Note, in my view, I think it's a bit of an exaggeration and now - with the net, everything is certainly fair, as even the vilest views can get attention on YouTube.
  2. digicashceo

    digicashceo Emerging Talker

    Depends on how you define "Western". Think about what you just typed. There's a lot of insight there. You said "Is it biased, left, right, middle". Personally I HATE those labels but I understand that people enjoy labeling each other. But I'd yes, it's somewhat biased. The other day there was some " right wing" (uggh! Hate labels, lol) news shows gushing over Trump's tax cuts and local Walmart employees got a bonus. About $1000. What she FAILED to mention was that not all employees qualified for it. Only those who have been there for a certain amount of time. She also FAILED to mention that over 60 Sam's Clubs were closing around the country. As well as a few local Walmarts. But those little facts would have gotten in the way of the Trumpfest.
  3. Callum Clark

    Callum Clark Active Talker

    yes i believe so there are many examples of false stories propaganda and crisis actors,
  4. TheJason

    TheJason Active Talker

    From experience, I know running a business is tough. In other words, the taxes should be a burden - but are they? I suppose it depends on the size of a business. I mean, for an extremely small business-person, taxes and any other burden can be catastrophic.

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