I really want to pick up the new Gauntlet, anyone try it yet?


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Mar 15, 2000
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I love the Gauntlet series, and the DC version is supposed to be the best one ever made.

Any one try this game out yet? I want to pick it up.

I think I'll start playing it after I get the new forums up though, because I might get addicted.

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Apr 26, 2000
I have haven't played it yet, but I read some reviews and most people liked it. I don't think you'll be playing the game too long if you are planing to play alone despite that the game is filled with lots of items and stuff. It's best with more people and that's what the reviews claimed to be one of the more satisfactory experiences.

If you're planing to get it online, then I suggest you buy it from Buy.com using one of their $10 off coupons. This will lower the sub total price to about $30.

Here's a portion of a review:
"The real star of Gauntlet Legends however is the killer multi-player mode. While the singular game can be quite engrossing in it’s own right, tackling golems and dragons with three of your buddies is unbelievable fun. Forming strategies and conquering the baneful minions without mercy as a group is what it’s all about. The best part about it is, that with all the special items, weapons, and characters you can choose from, every adventure will feel like a new one no matter how many times you play through it. As any big game fan will tell you, titles that can pull that off successfully and not suck are the serious goods.

Now I’m not going to fib and say that Legends isn’t without its problems. Having to reset your game options every time you turn the system back on can be frustrating, and playing through a tough mission only to find out that you missed a rune (which can be very hard to find later on) means that you’ll have to repeat some of the same stages until you find it. But for the most part, all of these can be overlooked in favor of the excellent fun lurking in the yummy GD-ROM.

Fast, furious, and all together entertaining, Gauntlet Legends is one of the best mindless action quests to come along in a quite some time. For those of you in search of power, fortune, and challenge (it gets absolutely insane on the hardest difficulty setting) GL can’t (and won’t) steer you wrong."