From Green to Blue


Admin Team Leader
Team Leader
Oct 26, 2017
United Kingdom
Hey all!

Ever since my promotion to ATL recently, I've been wanting to establish a strong and capable admin team to move PeakForums forward and really get our name out there, and it's with delight I announce these changes here today :)

Throughout the past few weeks, @s3_gunzel has done an amazing job at managing the CT both tempoarily and then permanently as CTL more recently. He's shown a true determination to help PF Grow and inrole has proved to be a valuable asset to our forum's team. I'd like to today announce his promotion to the Admin Team as our newest Jr.Administrator. This position has been left vacant for over 6 months but I'm sure he'll do amazing in stepping up to the role and helping grow the community. As he steps up, I'll be taking a stepback to focusing on Developmental Matters of the forum as he handles the community side of things and fords8 the technical; Together the three of us will grow PF strong!

As Ben steps upto an Admin Position, it leaves the CTL position vacant; As such I'd like to welcome Sparky2000 back as our CTL. A former team member and team leader of our CT I'm sure Sparky will do great!

Congrats everyone, well deserved :)