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Discussion Do you write your own forum rules?

Discussion in 'Admin & Webmaster' started by SeanQuinn87, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. SeanQuinn87

    SeanQuinn87 Moderation Director Moderator Team Leader

    This is to all the forum owners / admins / mods out there.. When you are setting up a forum and adding all the sticky threads with your rules, etc.. Do you write the forum rules from scratch? or Do you search for a template / mock rules list then just edit parts of it to suit you / your forum? :p
  2. s3_gunzel

    s3_gunzel Community Admin Administrator

    Always write your own rules. People have copied from elsewhere and not done any modification, and it still links back to the other site.
  3. TheRaj

    TheRaj New Talker

    You can get idea from other place but you must write your own rules

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