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Do you believe that YouTube can beat the Television?

Discussion in 'Media & Journalism' started by felicity, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. felicity

    felicity Establishing Talker

    You can watch different shows on YouTube nowadays. The numbers of subscribers have been huge especially when Vloggers were born. YouTube's profit is soaring high because of lots of advertisements. They say that YouTube is the future of media platforms in the next generations.

    They're predicting that YouTube will beat the Television in the near future. Is this even possible? What will happen if there's no Television anymore?
  2. s3_gunzel

    s3_gunzel Community Admin Administrator

    For on-demand content, yes.

    But Television will continue to exist for the mainstream media, etc.
  3. trendjing

    trendjing Emerging Talker

    Not everyone in the world have smartphones, laptops, or computers, and not everyone has access to WIFI or LTE yet. That is why television is still the main source of entertainment in everyone's home. However, talking about the future, there is a huge possibility that YouTube might replace the television. I am one of the person who uses YouTube, instead of television. I click on whatever I want to watch, may it be cooking, travel or lifestyle vlogs. Whenever I want to watch a TV series, I just search for it and there it is. There are even some programs that offers a live stream, so there's no need to rush turning the TV on to watch my favorite show.

    We are in the age that everything about technology progress dramatically. Hence, a time will come where television will be obsolete and we will just watch news and other current events and "used to be" TV programs on YouTube.
  4. SeanQuinn87

    SeanQuinn87 Moderation Director Moderator Team Leader

    I watch more stuff on YouTube than i do on the TV, but i would never give up TV, although i could live without YouTube lol :p
  5. Chris Grigg

    Chris Grigg Moderator

    I rarely ever watch TV. I don't even have a reason for a TV anymore..I have a 40" hanging on the wall and the only time it is used is when my girlfriend watches it.

    Youtube has come a very long way, and I believe it is making its way to being the number one source to get shows and such. I believe it can take over if the entire world had access to internet. There is still free signals for TV, so TV will exist for quiet some time longer.
  6. TheJason

    TheJason Active Talker

    I enjoy local news and also watching classic movies and shows. Nonetheless, cable and satellite is a rather big bill - and at least, the local stuff can be for free via antenna.

    However, though, YouTube has some problems. For one thing, a lot of music and shows have been banned from it - the owners citing royalty concerns.
  7. Callum Clark

    Callum Clark Active Talker

    no i think Youtube wont take over the TV purely because of the lack of broadband access to alot of the world, also for live sports and news some people in a whole lot of countries still use radio in urban areas and youtube adverts arghhhh god i HATE them

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