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Mar 16, 2000
June 7, 2000
Diablo II Goes Gold!
Clear your calendars, Diablo II has gone Gold!
The game, which has initial orders in excess of 1.5 million copies worldwide, will start shipping to retailers worldwide as early as the end of June.
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Apr 4, 2000
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Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,

We wanted to personally notify you that Diablo II has gone gold and the master CDs have been released to manufacturing. We expect the game to begin shipping to stores worldwide as early as the end of June.

Even though the game has gone gold, the stress test will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. The optimization of servers is completely independent from the game going gold, so you will continue to see network improvement up until launch. We also will be sending out access keys to European and Asian gamers shortly, so we can fully test those local servers prior to the game hitting stores as well.

We encourage you to continue playing over the next few weeks to help us test the servers as much as possible before the game ships. We will email you prior to the stress test ending.

Thank you for the hours you have committed to playing Diablo II on Battle.net. We hope that you will enjoy the game.

Blizzard Entertainment

BOOOYA!!!!! im damned happy that i preordered my collectors edition a coupla weeks ago. cant wait for the dvd and the ambient soundtrack!! AND AND AND i just got ahold of a FLAWLESS TOPAZ!!! ooooh how much i wanna make that a perfect one and put it in my helm
ooh baby yeah

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Apr 26, 2000
Just carry it around with you and find a gem shrine. That will upgrade it for you.

From another BBS:
"hmm... Cyrix III, huh? You can put syrup on sh*t, but that don't make it pancakes."