Debate & Rave Guidelines

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Oct 26, 2017
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Debate & Rave Guidelines
Written by @Matt

Hello there and welcome to PeakForum's Debate & Rave Forum. This section serves as a place to vent your anger and feelings on topics openly. To ensure smooth running of the forum and preventing confrontational situations, we ask you to follow these guidelines at all times:
  • Debates are controversial. If you see a thread which you don't agree with, you may reply to it stating your passionate anti-feelings towards it, however users who are unable to do this productively or without flaming the thread author, may receive further disciplinary action inline with our Forum Guidelines. If you cannot handle a particular debate or the zone in general, you may ignore this forum.
  • Replies and contributions should be contributing to PeakForums. I.e: Don't just reply saying "I agree" or "Your wrong" provide reasons.
  • Keep it civil! Despite being briefly mentioned above, its important to maintain decourem and a good mannerism when using this section. Don't explicitly rave about a particular user or staff member or swear or be aggressive with your point of view- there may be those who have opposing views and that's alright too.

If you feel a thread has been indecently derailed or have a quiere regarding debate ettiquete, please drop a member of our Community Team a message. Happy debating! :p
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