Change of guard at the CT


Admin Team Leader
Team Leader
Oct 26, 2017
United Kingdom
Good Evening all!

It's with sadness that I announce that earlier today our CTL, @The Grinch stepped down from his position for personal reasons tempoarily.

For the remaining part of today I've been the Acting CTL while myself and Fords disussed the management of the team and it's with delight I announce @s3_gunzel as our new Community Team Leader. He's a talented and knowledgeable Moderator who we know will adapt into his new management role very well and transition seamlessly into role to ensure a sleek and painless transition for all :)

I'd like to thank @The Grinch for all he has done on the team and that he shall be assuming his previous role of CTL upon his return but in the meanwhile we know @s3_gunzel shall do an excellent job!

Please help us in congratulating @s3_gunzel :)