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Oct 26, 2017
United Kingdom
Hey all!

Today we've conducted some maintenance around the forum to clean up after Christmas as well as make a few additions to our upcoming 2.0 Release!

  • We've updated the forum to the latest Xenforo (v1) Version: 1.5.6.a
  • We've installed a few new addons inline for our WebsiteTeam's Blog & Website Opening
  • We've reset usernames to grey
  • We've removed SantaHats & Snow from the site
  • We've updated our logo till the end of December!
The next change is rather major. Previously we've had a Valued Contributor & Ruby Member group, however today we've collated them together to form our new Rangers group. The name stems from Park Ranger who are people who manage the grounds at Mountains & National Parks and is apart of our move towards Aztec themed names and updates. You can become a "Ranger" by:
  • Retiring from the Staff Team after a long period of amazing service
  • Being our Top Poster of the Week. (Temporary 1w membership)
  • Purchasing a Forum Sponsorship (Which also entails additonal perks too)
Secondly, I'd like to announce a change in our Administrative Team Runnings. Myself, @Clarendon, have moved up to the position of Admin Team Leader meaning I'll be responsible for the overseeing of our (Non-Existent at the moment but it won't be :p) Admin Team as well as the various Team Leaders inplace around the forum. Any quieres regarding the AT or a TL should be directed my way ;)

Once again hope you all had a great Christmas and thanks for being amazing members!

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Dec 30, 2017
I have just recently discovered this forum and I've been browsing through the different sections. I've found many interesting discussion I wanted to engage in only to look again and realize they are from years ago. I do not want to sound pushy or as if I think I know everything so please don't take this comment as anything but a question. Is there a possibility of removing the topics that are from years ago, or at least moving them all to one specific section? Most of the individual forums have a majority of their posts added years in the past.


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Apr 1, 2012
Sydney, Australia
Is there a possibility of removing the topics that are from years ago
I’d suggest against this - for a couple of reasons.

Firstly; we’re in the process of perking up an old site - I’m not going to go around (and I would advise the CT not to either) removing posts in threads from years ago. I haven’t been able to go through all the threads and find the ones I want to post in yet so if you were to post in an old thread, while you may not get the original creators reply, you’ll almost certainly get one from someone else. I’d normally advise against necro-posting, but in this case I believe it’s warranted.

Secondary to this point is that the topics are still valid in their respective sections. They may not be fresh or invigorating but they’re still at the topic at hand.