A Few Changes (Staff Names, Promotion & Hiring New Mods)


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Nov 21, 2017
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
There has been a few changes here on the forums and here i am to let you all know about them. :D Have a read below and feel free to leave a reply with any thoughts or questions you may have. :D
  • The Staff Group which which was known as the "Community Team" has now been changed to the "Moderation Team". These members still look after the forums as normal keeping it clean and organized as well as dealing with any queries and problems our members have.
  • The Management Team Names here on the forum has now been changed from "Team leaders" to "Directors". This is inline with a more supportive and guiding management approach.
I am also happy to announce that i have been made the new Moderation Director. :D I t has been great working here on the forum as a normal Moderator and now its awesome to be promoted up to Director. :D


The Peak Forums team is currently Hiring 2 New Moderators. If you are interested in being a member of the staff here then heck out this thread: http://peakforums.net/board/threads/join-the-moderation-team.118987/
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