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    Welcome to PeakForums!

    Welcome to PeakForums!
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    Back and ready for business :D

    Back and ready for business :D
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    Update: May 2018

    Hello there! On behalf of the entire Admin Team, I'd like to apologise for the decline in activity and detachment of the team from PF over the past few months. With myself having been occupied with my change in carer, and other admins being involved in work, it had caused a hiatus from the...
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    Building A Corner Partition (To Hide Boiler In Bedroom)

    Ah I was going to say I wanted to see this complete :P
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    Join the Moderation Team!

    Join the Moderation Team! We are currently hiring three (3) moderators! The role of a Moderator at peakforums is to moderate the community safeguarding members of PF and also posting and being an active member of the forum. We are currently looking to expand our Moderation Team by three. Role...
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    A Few Changes (Staff Names, Promotion & Hiring New Mods)

    Congrats Sean :) Good luck to those whom apply too :D
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    should religious education be taught in schools?

    Whilst religious education is critical to an enhanced understanding in the world and mutal agreement with those from varied backgrounds, it is something that shouldn't necessarily be extremely pushed onto the child. For example in primary school, a monthly insight into a particular religion may...
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    Congrats! :D

    Congrats! :D
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread (2018)

    Hello :D
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    The Community Team are Hiring!

    We are currently seeking two more CTM's once again :)
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    Spring has Sprung 2018!

    Hello all! As the month of February comes to a close, it's time to welcome and embrace spring and here at PeakForums we have a line of competitons and games to get Spring Sprung the write way! Role Swap & Auction: Staff shall be swapping roles for a day! Remaining ranks will be priced and set...
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    Xbox Live GamerTags

    I don't actively use Xbox anymore :P
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    PlayStation Network Usernames

    Nope I don't use Playstation :P
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    On the horizon here at Peak :)

    On the horizon here at Peak :)
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    Count to 1000!

    129 :D
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    Peak Cash Information!

    Spending Peak Cash There are many different ways you can spend your Peak Cash here on the forum. Have a look at the lists below and if any of the things on it interest you, give them a click to go to the area/page where you can make your purchase(s). Firstly: Let me give you a little...
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    Solved Wow! This is an old forum.

    I didn't realise his age actually :P We would've been 1. I always invisioned he was the original owner- I think he might've been of PeakForums but the original forum must've been called something else with another owner
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    Solved Wow! This is an old forum.

    The community's roots trace back quite a few years where it was started by @Ash. The forum had a few ownership changes and a few name changes but it was cyclical and we returned back to the present name and Ash as the Owner before it was sold to @fords8 a year or two ago I think