Hey there!

Doe's anybody ever read these? :hushedface:

I'm xXDarwinXx and I'm a full time student pilot currently completing my ATPL before working full time with a regional airline in the United Kingdom.

I've hung around forums for at least 5 years now and loved every minute of them. From my first positon as a Peacekeeper (Sectional Mod) to my most recent appointment as Admin here, I've always loved helping users out and making forums a good place to be :) I've held around 30 positions throughout the past few years which have taught me a lot!

In my free time I enjoy Coding and general Technology stuff, because I can, as well as chilling on forums and Snap. Sports-Wise I love Paintball, Tennis, Swimming, Cycling & Running and Drone Racing if that counts :p

My positon here as Admin Team Leader means I oversee the Admin Team and forum as a whole and I'm always open to feedback, comments and suggestions, we are only as strong as our users feel we are!

My inbox is always open for you all :angel:
Jun 8, 1990 (Age: 29)
United Kingdom
Favorite forum
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ATPL Student
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Basketball, Paintball, Tennis, Xtreme Games


Admin Team Leader

If you have any questions or concerns, please drop me a PM or leave us your thoughts over in the Community Table forum! :angel:




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