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    Building A Corner Partition (To Hide Boiler In Bedroom)

    Same lol :P Once the new boiler is fitted, if that one needs boxing it then ill create a new thread when the time comes. :P
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    Building A Corner Partition (To Hide Boiler In Bedroom)

    No longer doing this boxing in of the boiler as getting a new boiler. :p Shall lock this thread. :p
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    I Need Fundraiser Ideas & Tips To Increase JustGiving Donations?

    I need some suggestions on different fundraising ideas for what i can do to help raise money towards my cause. I am currently doing an Adults and a Kids version of "Guess The Glove" where each person / kid makes a guess at which numbered glove will be the winner. I am also doing a raffle too. :p...
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    Cage Fighting MMA Training Gloves & Shinnies (For My UMMA Training)

    This is the training gloves and shin pads i have got for my Ultra-MMA Training. :P Different ones will be used on the night night. :D
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    A Few Changes (Staff Names, Promotion & Hiring New Mods)

    There has been a few changes here on the forums and here i am to let you all know about them. :D Have a read below and feel free to leave a reply with any thoughts or questions you may have. :D The Staff Group which which was known as the "Community Team" has now been changed to the "Moderation...
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    How do i use "Projects" on WordPress?

    What is the best way to use the Projects feature on my WordPress Blog? :P
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    Fixed Up Cupboard (New Selfing & Painted)

    I have fixed up cupboard in the new bedroom for my boy Jak for his toys. :D
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    Redecorating My Boy's Bedroom (Progress Thread)

    Check out my Gallery Thread with more photos of the cupboard finished: :D
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    Morning Everyone! :D

    Morning Everyone! :D
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    Thanks. :D

    Thanks. :D
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    Wrestling [WWE] --- RAW vs SMACKDOWN ??

    So for all the WWE fans out there in the WWE Universe.. Which of the 2 WWE Shows do you like the best? Raw? or Smackdown Live? :D :D :D
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    Development I need good spam counter measures!!

    Can some people recommend a good way to stop spam bots signing up to my Q&A website please: :P I keep needing to delete them and delete their posts. :P
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    What are the main areas of Science?

    yeah im thinking Physics, Biology and Astronomy are 3 of them, but not sure them all. :P
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    Is the "" domain worth £90/Year??

    yeah seems a bit expensive lol. :P I got myself one "" for less than £1 :P
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    Spring has Sprung 2018!

    All Sounds Great! :D :D