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  • Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK my world! Esp since the newest Similac coupon I got was for $4.
    I so sawry! Will you forgive me? I grounded myself from the board for a few days. Did you party like 1999?
    Go to user CP...then ignore list. Put in the names of the people you wish to ignore and submit. I THiNK that disallows messages from them as well.
    Are your Pms off?

    You can edit, delete, public messages whenever you like to do so. just sayin!
    I am going to go out again tonight. Menards for .49 Pampers wipes and then to Jewel. My hubby is home tomorrow so I am pretty free to go where I want when I want. We can try tomorrow if you want too. I have a few inserts from family and neighbors so we can play it by ear tomorrow. I don't work outside home...I am wife, and momma first and second own a small business that I work casually from home.
    Did you see me? I was there from 4ish to about 5:45! I think I have been replying to you on my own profile! Did you see my post about I will be there? YIKES!
    You rock! I would love to have three if that is not too much. What can I do for you? Want cash, coupons (is that your dog? I have no pets and could clip pet coupons for you), stamps, something else? I can come to you, or meet you somewhere...most any Jewel will work if you want to meet.
    Ha ha ha, did you see my FB status? I just called to check, they said it would get there in the next couple hours. I'm dying of anticipation!!!
    why yes, mrspiggy, i do have a gingerbread recipe i've been making for years and years.... i'm not a gingerbread fan, but it must be good, cause lots of other people like it! :lol: PM me your email address and i'll scan and send it to you...
    That's funny! If only my cat would wear that costume tomorrow night as I give out Koolaid packets and Scooby-do snacks! HA! HA! :)
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