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  • We have to pick a date and set it. We can figure out what we are doing later! :lol:

    Bill worked Sat and Sun this week. He's got another 2-3 weeks of hell and then should be in the clear. Our weekends are "we'll see" until he is done with the move.
    You guys got anything going the weekend 11/4-6?
    Maybe we can do something then.....I don't know if it's still apple picking time at that time, but if not maybe we can do something else???
    Well, unfortunately we pretty much have something going on every weekend this month. Next weekend we are going to be gone for the whole weekend on a scout trip, the following Saturday we have Trail of History to go to with the scouts, then the following Satuday we have my brother's mom's memorial to go to, and then I think we finally have the 29th free.
    This Saturday we are hoping to be able to go out for our anniversary, so it probably won't work for us either....too bad they are closed on Sunday.
    Everything is going good, we've been very busy with scouts and lots of other stuff. Yeah, Paul didn't get home until late Sunday otherwise I know he would have loved to have gone. Although he said he turned the game off on his way home because he couldn't stomach it anymore.
    ****. it wont post.

    its a t-shirt that says: i survived bridezilla and all i got was this stupid t-shirt

    dad is SO weird! he has flipped on me and kenny before because kenny is his employee, not me... and everytime kenny texts him he asks who it is... kenny told him today to save his number, and dad's like no, cus i can just call your wife... its easier cus then it doesnt have to be all awkward for us.... and kenny says... but i'm your employee? weirdo.

    so dad just txt me asking me to ask kenny a question about work... now how the heck is that productive?

    very cool - you can make your own radio station by band or genre. thought you'd like
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