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  • I'm on my phone and can't figure out PM' I. Am looking for 1 more rebate if u still have it. PM me what u want in trade.
    I've been couponing on and off for about 7 years. I've stopped in the middle for about a year and a half... have been going full force again for about a year and a half.
    Just checked out your blog... wow-- you are GOOD!!!!

    How long have you been doing couponing for?
    The price that they ring up isn't always the same price as what the shelf says.

    Was it Chris? Or Kathy? How did you pay? She should have just returned the 6 you purchased. Then rang in 7 of them. Use the refunded money to pay and then you should have owed the difference.

    At least you got the cat! And now you know for next time to get 7 LOL

    I always check the scanner price - even if I THINK I know what it's ringing up.
    WHAT? It worked. We're friends. I had trouble with the Marie Calander meals...The sale prc was $2.50 (I know that's not counts)...but the shelf price was $4.29...well, I just don't know - I bought 6, but needed 7...I think it was your frnd Kay at Cust Svc. was willing to lookit up on her email, and help me...she refnded the purchase of 6, applied (what she thot i pd)...and re-rang 7 with me. That worked...but as I'm looking at the receipts, she didn't apply what i had pd on my credit, they actually owe me $ i guess i have to go back, but Biggest Loser is on, so it won't be tonight. I apologized to her alot, and sd it's ok, to just leave it, it was her choice, and she sd she wanted me to get the $10, so she helped...but didn't actually seem happy. oh well...i feel bad.
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