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    Wooden Ruler / Growth Chart

    Nice job gives me something to do in the future for when my little one starts growing.
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    Anyone done Wallpapering / Lining Paper?

    Never done it mate wish i could say i have but i dont want to lie lol
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    Beware of kidney stones

    Sounds painful i dont want to think about that lol.
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    What are the main areas of Science?

    Digged this out for you might be useful maybe not worth a glance over anyways very interesting to say the least
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    Does anyone here believes that our earth is hollow?

    Maybe right there maybe not, maybe hollow maybe flat, maybe a simulator who knows. There was a guy called Morpheous who once said” What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical...
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    What are the main areas of Science?

    Not sure if i had a stab in the dark i would say physics then biology
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    Growing roses

    Never grown roses before i did do a chilli plant once but that was rather straight forward.
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    Inhaling Helium Gas From Balloon (Jingle Bells & Hail Hail)

    Lmao, your mum pure pushing you on to sign jingle bells haha!
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    Qixels (I think its a pirate)

    I thought it was the wee guy that hunts bugs bunny in a shell suit haha!.
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    Artists you've seen live

    The Game Snow Patrol
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    Why is it Shella instead o Rahman on STV?

    Sheila boils my blood shes better at insurance than being a bloody journalist
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    Wrapped Boxes

    These are great i have never done anything personally like that myself but they are very catchy might try some myself this year.
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    Football Super Bowl

    Dont know to be honest i have never watched American Football. Not through ignorance to the sport just never on much where i am from and i dont know the game. Im sure its a good watch though with all the advertisement it gets.
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    Wrestling Ronda Rousey Now On WWE

    Ronda vs Brock summerslam heard it here first !!!